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Failed Meadowbank house-buyer loses bankruptcy strikeout in $756k dispute

Warnings for would-be buyers who renege.

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Reality TV star turned agent: ‘I thought I was God’s gift to real estate at first’

Gabriel Elkhishin on finding success the hard way.

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$1m surprise: Family gobsmacked after frenzy blows pre-auction offer out of the water

135 bids made on deceased estate in South Auckland.

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Shakespearean Pop-Up Globe: To be again - to repay creditors

The revival has riled some, who ask how it could carry on while in liquidation.

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Auckland house with no backyard sells for over $2m

It's around the corner from some of the country's most expensive homes.

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‘Uber cool’ cone home back on the market a year after eye-watering sale

House had been given an award-winning makeover by previous owner.

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Last OCR call before the election: What will the Reserve Bank do?

The five things you need to know about the housing market this week.

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‘Bad blood’ between brothers after building firm break-up

West Coast brothers part ways in business, but meet in court dispute.

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‘Dream bach’ on Waiheke Island sells for $350,000 after bank steps in

Bushland block was one of NZ's most-viewed properties this year.

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$1.2b commercial, industrial, retail sales in year’s first half: CBRE overview

Private investors are the single most active group, ahead of syndicates and foreigners.

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